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embryo by Parabo1a embryo :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 75 9 Brahma (inverted colour) by Parabo1a Brahma (inverted colour) :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 91 17 Brahma by Parabo1a Brahma :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 48 13 Seed Of Life by Parabo1a Seed Of Life :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 6 0 Third Eye by Parabo1a Third Eye :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 6 3 Identification by Parabo1a Identification :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 0 0
There's a mist-like ignorance leaving my words in confusion.
A dense forest-like illusion leaving my love to be a delusion.
Some hatred lurking, leaving my intentions to be misconceived.
A lie conspired, leaving all those to be misbelieved.
But after the darkest nights and wondering blindness, The world is spun.
Hidden truths are revealed, Here comes the Sun…
It is shining, It is shining. Shine on, Shine on forever.
Like a timeless flame, Like a burning endeavour.
A blissful light, Illuminating like the quintessence of some mystical being.
Your arrival to end darkness's reign at long last has been foreseen.
Let ignorance and hatred mourn one another.
Then knowledge and understanding can sprout from Earth Mother.
Its been such a long, Long time, How could you have ever left?
Now that I have found you, My tears no longer rain in bereft.
How I love you, How I long for you, You know that I need you.
Now that I can see you, I can be you too.
But not before too long, This world is turne
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 1 4
Tree Of Life
Planted like a thought within the mind, Expressed like an action without a thought,
Our bodies connect like two holding hands, And together we shall create the Universe.
With this embryonic life forming a blood supply like branches of a tree towards a light we sought,
Time itself is created, So that these roots we share shall eventually disperse.
This Sun gives me life, So my sacrifices will be more than just dust and ember.
But this crescent shaped moon curses me in all three worlds,
So they do not worship, Nor remember.
Like memories left behind, My ash blows in the wind and swirls.
I'll throw away these burning stars and hope that the light touches you.
Sprinkle upon a distant night sky, Maybe one day you'll see,
All the things I tried to convey and all my feelings so true.
All the things you wanted and all the things I tried to be.
Like a million branches emerging within and without you,
Closely resembling cracks upon a mirror, Scattering my reflection in every direction.
The piece
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 3 7
Seed Of Life by Parabo1a Seed Of Life :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 19 10 The Downward Spiral by Parabo1a The Downward Spiral :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 22 3
In a small utter of animal instinct, in fear or in desire,
Caressing the innocence, swarming the vulnerable, penetrating,
In an exchange of bodily fluids, taking me higher.
Let it control, let them come in, congregating.
Let the thoughts and memories breed like offspring,
Let senses be played, among vessels and organs, like instruments.
I've taken what I want, and now I'll leave across the wing.
Onto somewhere else, onto someone new, my coexistence.
With connections and meaning so lost and mysterious,
You let fear feed off you in sacrifice.
With desires so tampered it can be so dark and so curious,
In searching for that glimmer of hope to entice.
Let the words slip down, tongues and witnesses,
In blood and in saliva, in voices and in speeches.
Preach among the dreary and forgotten weaknesses,
Suck it all out, you've sucked it dry my leaches.
I'm your pathogen
I'm your pathogen
And once the words consume you, in truths you sought.
In platelet aggregated defences could not stop the deadl
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 0 0
Line In The Sand
As the snake is shedding it's skin once again, in yet another rebirth,
I am crawling and searching within for that lotus flower emerging from the earth.
And amongst the dirt and insecurity, murky questions persist,
I feel them slither like serpents, As I feel my chromosomes twist.
This ocean is far to opaque for me to see clearly, it condenses,  
I must take a step way outside, to embrace these unused senses.
And as my fins become limbs, I can now stumble and collapse.
My tortoise, my patient, my addiction, my relapse.
I begin to draw a line in the sand, to separate myself from you,
In another mutation, I hope to find out who
I was meant to be and what I should have been.
And as the spinal cord is connecting like memories within
I feel the serpent still slithers and follows the paths I trailed
Like some question I have unanswered, or some purposes I have failed.
And in this torment controlling me, consuming my every move,
In a carnivorous moment, I feed of life and what you'v
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 3 9
Destruction Breeds Creation
I believe I can see the light at the end, Down
Deep below the skin, Beneath my instincts and across the universe.
And in a night I am vanishing in, The moon approaches around
Pulling at my flesh like shores to reflect upon the hollow and submerse.
And between the sounds of the skull enclosing my mind,
Within my obsessions and self-indulgence, a shadow fades me away
I feel a whisper I think I left behind and
It's beckoning me not to stay.
And in my darkest, guilt filled moment, covering
My foetus down and whispering, weeping
Like raining reflections cleansing over me, smothering,
Each droplet reflecting his reincarnated image in keeping.
With the light now perforating through my delusions
Resuscitating the hopeless, but it's true
Without which we are lifeless non-existent illusions.
And as I am dreaming, tiny vibrations pulsate through,
Reaching out, I lift my head above the star filled ocean.
And separated is everything I know from knew
Circulating like Saturn in a fate like emotion
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 1 7
Reincarnation by Parabo1a Reincarnation :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 15 1
Human Sacrifice
Your eyes are like the sun burning me in this drought,
And I will do what I can to convince you,
But new revelations, cast mists of doubt
Into why you are not making the sacrifices too?
I needed you to believe in me.
But what are you in search for?
I have wondered amongst your insecurity, but cannot see
What you need from me anymore.
Get your men to hold me down across your stone, angel.
Say your prayers, Grab your knife and gauge me deep,
Separated I, Watch you unite in my idea of hell.
My body bleeds out tears, into your clothes, your soul, it seeps.
Drop your dagger, stained.
Reach into my living chest, look for your reasons.
My heart cut out, strangled in your grasp, pained.
Still throbbing, Eclipsing the sun, now change the seasons.
I will let you feed from my body
Because I do not need it anymore,
I am breaking loose and breaking free
From the ribs that caged me with your
Heart. It’s still throbbing in your soiled hands
As my body still drips dark red viscous blood
:iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 3 2
Only God Can Judge Me by Parabo1a Only God Can Judge Me :iconparabo1a:Parabo1a 3 0

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United Kingdom
In search of who we once were, and who I am now supposed to be...

Current Residence: Omnipresent
Personal Quote: "Live As If U Were To Die Tomorrow, Learn As If You Were To Live Forever"


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